Some credit the secret of Harry Barberian's success to his steak seasoning - a complex blend of over twelve ingredients carefully considered and combined. Lower in sodium and without preservatives or MSG, our famous steak seasoning has been used in our restaurant since 1959. Often imitated but never duplicated, Barberian's seasoning is delicious on all meats. Sprinkle it liberally on all sides of your steak, roast, fish or vegetables. Mix it in with your burgers and meatloafs. Use it to rim your cocktails! Enjoy Harry Barberian's secret blend of sea salts, garlic, onion, fine herbs and spices in the comfort of your own home!

Barberian's Steak Seasoning brings a little of Canada's most famous Steak House home to you in a bottle. Available at many fine stores in Toronto and across Canada, we also offer our spice in 198g jars at Barberian's Steak House at 7 Elm Street, Toronto.

For large quantity orders or to carry our signature spice, please contact:

Arron Barberian
416 - 597 - 0335


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